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Lease Agreement - Forces Estate
(For Islamabad)

This lease Agreement is made at Islamabad on this ______________ day of _________ ,2006 between Mr.______________ S/o________________ R/o ___________________ having
NIC________________ hereinafter reffered to as the “LESSOR” of the first part ,


Mr.______________ S/o __________________ R/o _________________ having
NIC_________________, hereinafter reffered to as the “LESSEE” of the second

WHEREAS the lessor above named is the sole and absolute owner of House _______
Street____ Sector_________ Islamabad ,equipped with all necessary fittings and
fixtures, hereinafter reffered to as the “SAID PREMISES”.

WHEREAS the lessor has agreed to let out the said premises and the lessee has
also agreed to take the said premises on rental basis on terms & conditions as
1. That the lease agreement shall be deemed to be effective from _______ ,
for a period of _______ years , While after 1 year the rent of the said
premises shall be increased @ 8 % .
2. That the MONTHLY rent of the said premises has been mutually agreed
upon at Rs._______ (Rupees _______________________only) .
3. That the lessee has paid to the lessor Rs
________/-(Rupees___________________ only), as ______ month,s ADVANCE RENT
and Rs._______/-(Rupees _____________________ only) being the SECURITY DEPOSIT
which shall be refunded to the lessee at the time of vacating the said premises
and handing over its vacant and physical possession to the lessor, subject to
adjustment of any loss damages or dues, if any, thus the lessee has paid to the
lessor total sum of Rs___________/-(Rupees ____________________ only) through
cheque No. _________drawn on _______________________________ .
4. That after the expiry of ____ month,s lease period, the RENT of the said
premises shall be paid by the lessee on _____ monthly basis in advance to the
5. That the lesse shall keep the said premises in good condition and in
case of any loss or damage to any item of the said premises, the lessee shall
be liable to repair or replace the same at his own cost.
6. That the lesse shall not make any structural addition/ alteration
without written permission of the lessor.

7. That one month,s porior notice shall be served on either side in case
premises is
To be vacant before the expiry of lease period .
8. That the lessee shall permit the lessor or his nominee, during
reasonable time of
The day, to enter and to view the state of the condition therefore or for any
reasonable purpose as may be required, with the permission of the lesse.
9. That the lessee shall use the said premises at his own residential
purposes and
Shall not sub-let it or portion therefore to anybody else.
10. That if the lesse wants to install telephone connection in the said
premises at his
Own cost and expenses, then lessor will have no objection.
11. That the lessee shall pay regularly all the dues for consumption of
Electricity and telephone charges to the concerned departments during the period
of his stay in the said premises and will show the receipts of the paid bills
to the lessor, if desired by him.
12 That the minor repairs will be made by the lessee whereas the
responsibility of
major repairers rests with the lessor

IN WITNESS WHERE OF, both the parties have set and subscribed their
respective hands to this deed on this day of above mentioned date in the
presence of witness.

LESSOR: _________________________ LESSEE: __________________________


1)____________________________ 2)_____________________________
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